Chris Christopher Minchin. Chris is both an artist and trainee Anglican priest. He is particularly interested in rituals that respond to pastoral situations, including traditional rituals surrounding birth/marriage/death; but he is also interested in developing rituals that respond to the wider complexity of traumatic and joyful events. In his artwork, he explores the nature of spirituality and theology through a variety of media including sculptural installation, performance, and video. Often this includes working with a particular community or group over a sustained period of months and years, creating artwork and social situations with them. Chris has been Artist in Residence at Norwich Cathedral (2015); director of the residency programme at The Moot community at St Mary Aldermary, City of London; as well as exhibiting in various solo and group shows. He has an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, a BA in Fine Art (First Class) from Newcastle University, and has been a visiting lecturer on BA courses in the UK. He is currently studying for an MA in Theology and Ministry at Sheffield University through the College of the Ressurection, Mirfield.

   Claire Blundell Jones. Claire Blundell Jones uses humour in her drawings, performances, videos and installations, to tickle at subjects, which are conventionally associated with gravitas, such as wasting time, alienation, intimacy, death, shame and doubt. The hope is that these wobbly-lined drawings or DIY performance props try to lighten these dour themes to increase pleasure and engagement. Working in performance or video allows her to directly explore and capture relationships between the individual and crowds and to interrogate and critique public spaces and institutions. She is developing a practice that uses the self as its subject and a fiction; playing with autobiographical material, such that some have described my practice as “raw”. Her recent interests lie in anthropology and she enjoys creating stories which glide between her own and others’ experiences, awkwardly plunging between the emotive and slapstick. Claire supports her practise by various teaching jobs in primary schools, lecturing and gallery education. She works one day a week as an Allotment leader.

harryHarry Lawson Harry Lawson completed a Sculpture MA at The Royal College of Art in 2013 where he constructed a living room for the objects he collects and artworks he makes. His practice looks into how objects and artists communicate through time, researching how archaeological methodologies might affect the way some artworks are produced. Harry is also a member and contributor to the London based artist and architecture group STORE. STORE started as a large-scale work space in Bloomsbury. It has now moved to Manor House to work on various projects. Recent projects include: Flow, Store, London and Everything and More, OSR Projects, West Coker. Harry also recently completed a residency at the Bothy Project, Aviemore, Scotland.

 Jack Jack Tan. Jack teaches theatre and performance at the University of Roehampton where he is also researching the performativity of political resistance in his PhD. With a background in law, social justice and ceramics, Jack makes work that sits between art and the political or social. He is interested in where art and life intersect, and what meaning comes out of this. Jack makes performance, sculpture, organisations, exhibitions, events and writing as a way of exploring these themes. His work has been shown in Modern Art Oxford, Cornerhouse Manchester, the Soane Museum, INIVA, Stephen Lawrence Gallery and the Dept for Health (UK).

nina Nina Shen-Poblete. Nina is an architectural designer,researcher and curator. Her design work shares an interest in the semantics of image and material process which are mediated by narrative techniques that draw influences from art to post-modern literature. She is an active member of Studio Weave, a visiting critic to Diploma studios at the University of Westminster and founder of Black Grout, an independent event-based magazine focused around the fringes of architecture. An award wining graduate from the mackintosh School of Architecture and the University of Westminster, Nina has worked in Shanghai and London where she is now based. 

StPhotoephanie Farmer. Stephanie Farmer is interested in the institutional frameworks that surround art making. This has evolved through studying fine art and history of art as well as through teaching, archiving and exhibition making. Most recently she has been working as an exhibition organiser for ‘Above the Line: people and places in the DPRK (North Korea)’ an exhibition in the reception area of the British Council HQ in London.
This engagement with the socio-political context of artworks has informed her attitude to making, leading to more collaboration, for instance as a member of STORE; and projects in the domestic sphere and public realm.