Liminal Cusp

panaceaGold, which symbolizes aspects of both wickedness and virtue, has been beaten to 0.0000001 inch, so thin it becomes difficult to hold or control, as in the moment when the future crumbles into the past.

Elizabeth Porter from The Office of Public Ritual has developed a ritual using gold leaf and ash to mark the halfway point of Panacea between Epidermis and Dermis; between memory & anticipation, initiating us to remember that moment between: the present in the place where we are now.

‘Liminal Cusp’
at Panacea – Part 2, Dermis.
27th Nov, 6.30pm

The Office of Public Ritual (OPR) is a service that creates bespoke rituals for significant occasions or life events. working with clients to develop a set of actions, sequence of performances for personal, group or public use. OPR is interested in how objects, environments, structures and people perform and how such ‘performance’ creates meaning. They also explore this through a public program of exhibitions, talks and events.

Elizabeth Porter is a sculptor and performer examining relationships of disparate materials: charcoal and agate, gold and ash, tissue paper and water, metal and wool, as well as clay and wood.

She is interested in finding ways of exploring the place where we meet and engage; or fail to engage, with each other; both the brief and protracted, the violent and the gentle, meager or complete Looking at the fragility and precariousness of all relationships, however profound, superficial, entangled or tenuous they may be.