Contemporary Rites, Institute of International Visual Arts

As part of its Emerging Practices programme in Autumn 2014, Iniva presents CONTEMPORARY RITES; a three week series of live art performances taking place from 6 until 20 November 2014, on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons, in the Education Space, at Rivington Place.

For Contemporary Rites Iniva has invited 10 artists and curators to consider the role of ritual and rite in contemporary performance and live art. The act of ritual is explored from the viewpoint of three distinct rites; rites of passage, communal rites and rites of personal devotion in contemporary life.

Thursday 6th November, 6.30-8.30pm: Jack Tan/ The Office of Public Ritual. Opening this series of performances and discussions is Jack Tan’s ongoing project The Office of Public Ritual (OPR). The OPR is a service that creates bespoke rituals for significant occasions or life events. Iniva has commissioned a ritual performance from OPR for public presentation.


Jack Tan, A Kiss Is Just A Kiss, 2014, performance (2 hours), Institute of International Visual Arts, London. © Courtesy the artist. Photo: Christa Polka.